sodomizingjack (sodomizingjack) wrote,

Eeegh. I don't want to put my feet on the floor.

Ugh, I just spent the past hour trying to kill a big ass fucking spider. It was unpleasant. I still have the heebie-jeebies. lkjasdfja And I've been seeing a few smaller baby spiders running around when I vacuum behind the couch and stuff so I wonder if that thing was their mother. Goddess, I hope they don't try to take vengeance on their mother. AGH. Okay, that's the end of that or I really won't be able to sleep tonight.

Oh and guys, Noblesse. OMGDESS, Noblesse. Noblesse, OMGDESS, you guys. Noblesse. I can now see why so many people are into it. Just, holy fuck. I'm completely hooked. Like, seriously. Just so hooked. And I love Frankenstein. The mouth on that one. lol And that bods on everyone! Haha. If you ever wonder why there are not hotties in your city, it's because they're all living with Rai and Frankenstein or in Lukedonia. XD;;;;

AHHH!!! And tonight's The Walking Dead. OHHHHHHH SHIT! Merle! Holy shit! Finally, when he decides to be a decent person, WHAM! Killed off! Oh shit, man. And by Daryl, too! Oh shit! That was sad. And honestly, I really thought he was like a cockroach, he could make it out alive through anything, but I guess, not even a cockroach can survive against the guvna. I can't believe the season finale is already next week!

Okay, but seriously, I should sleep now. Don't let the baby spiders come for vengeance, dear Universe, don't let me go out like that. 8O
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